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"My Mother, along with her siblings, were thrilled when they saw the portrait!"

My siblings and extended family wanted something special for my mother’s 80th Birthday, something that would touch her heart.


I saw some of Kerry’s work and was intrigued with the “Fuzzy Wuzzy” storyboard portrait she had done.   I particularly liked how the subject was the main portrait, with old photos, filled with memories, surrounded the subject.


After a lovely conversation with Kerry, we decided to have mum’s parents (who passed when she was 25 & 34) be the main subjects.  Surrounding them we chose an array of photos which represented my mother’s life and heritage.


From her father who fought in WW1 which included medals, to beautiful memories of her childhood, adolescence, family and then adulthood, Kerry managed to fill 80 years of heartwarming memories into one very special present.


My mother, along with her siblings, were thrilled when they saw the portrait. Many a conversation was had, stories of old days. Laughter could be heard from the other side of the party as they gathered around the portrait, finding new small photos or items which revealed yet another memory to be shared.


Kerry is a very passionate and talented artist, being able to combine a piece of artwork with memories was the best present I could have ever hoped for.

Simone Hole