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Discovering a love for drawing at the tender age of nine set the stage for Kerry’s lifelong dedication to the arts. From creating bespoke designs for luxury brand Louis Vuitton to nurturing budding artists through teaching, Kerry brings a wealth of experience and skill to every endeavour.

Now in her fifth year with Louis Vuitton, Kerry serves as a customisation artist where her creativity and expertise have helped bring to life a wide range of personalised pieces for clients.

















Simultaneously, Kerry has developed a comprehensive online class - ‘Mastering the Art of Drawing’ - encapsulating 25 years of her teaching knowledge of the skill of drawing. She believes visual arts fundamentals - drawing, understanding colour and painting - are an essential foundation for any visual artist. 

In her own art practice at her garden studio, Kerry has spent over a decade captivating clients with lifelike and emotionally resonant portraits in both charcoal and oils. Her skills have earned her a place as a finalist in ‘The Salon De Refuses’ at the S.H. Irving Gallery, Sydney in 2022 with the artwork ‘The Storytellers’. 















Kerry’s love of drawing is at the core of her latest series ‘A Portrait of Home’ - drawings in charcoal and gold leaf that capture not only the beauty of the Southern Gold Coast but also evoke the emotions and connections that make it so special.















Whether working on commissioned pieces or guiding students through the intricacies of artistic expression, Kerry infuses each project with passion and dedication. For her, the true joy of art lies in the emotional connections it forges.


From the thrill of bringing a portrait or a commission to life on paper or canvas, to the profound impact it has on clients, Kerry finds fulfilment in the transformative power of art. 

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