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As a child living in the Coolangatta Tweed region, Kerry’s interest in all things creative started with drawing faces of people and animals. This began her journey as a portrait artist and faces have been a major focus since.


When completing commissions as a professional portrait artist her goal is to transfer the life and soul of her subject to paper or canvas. She enjoys working in a classic black and white style with charcoal or traditional oil.


With 20 years involvement in art education, Kerry feels it important as a teacher to encourage the learning of Visual Arts fundamentals - drawing, painting, understanding colour - which builds a solid foundation to any creative life or career. This has led to the development of her online teaching platform where anyone can access, learn and not be constrained by geography or time limits.























As a customisation artist at Louis Vuitton, Kerry develops and paints client designs on the company’s luxurious range of trunks and cases. It is vital for this position to possess the skill and ability to paint anything required to the exacting standard of excellence that Louis Vuitton expect.


In the coming year Kerry will showcase a new series of paintings featuring her home town with people enjoying their time there.


“As an artist I want to create pieces that show the valuable time in life. Family and relationships, the people we love, places we love to be, connections that are important to us".

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